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Monoplant products
Used for: A liver protectant and antioxidant. It may also have other uses. Check with your pharmacist for more details regarding the particular brand. Carduus Monoplant is an herbal product. It works by strengthening and stimulating the liver cells, which prevents toxins from entering the liver cells.
Plants Extracts Syrups 125 ml
Medicinal mushrooms capsules forms 30% extract :
Cordyceps sinensis /cordyceps/
Ganoderma lucidum /reishi/
Grifola frondosa /meitake/
Agaricus Blazei /agaricus blazei/
Auricularia polytricha /auricularia/
Coprinus comatus /coprinus/
Polyporus umbellatus /polyporus/
Hericium erinaceus /hericium/
Shi ta ke /Lentinus edobes/
Aloe vera organic ( bio ) juice 1 L and 0,5 L , origine Mexico
Noni organic ( bio ) juice 1 L , origine Tahiti - France